We recommend your alumni communication program be coupled with an Annual Fund program, encouraging your members to take an active financial role in their organization. An Annual Fund program is not a dues program. We work with you to create giving categories that fit your organization. If you ask $50 for alumni dues each year, that may be all you receive. By creating giving societies, your members will self-select themselves into a category, comfortable for them. Their donations are often at a much higher level than standard “alumni dues.”

We strongly encourage alumni newsletters are accompanied by a solicitation letter that recaps the previous year and explains why giving to the Annual Fund is important. This is where you make your case for alumni to give back to their organization.

Our solicitation letters are personalized for each donor and recognize, where appropriate, their last gift. To facilitate giving, each letter includes a tear-off response form. This form is pre-printed with their contact information, allowing them to make updates as necessary, and it helps ensure that their gift is properly recorded. The form has the giving societies listed for them, allowing alumni to check off the appropriate box, place their gift it in the enclosed pre-printed response envelope, stamp and mail it.

We can print a wide variety of information on the reverse of letter including: upcoming event information; lost members; giving history; and other news that missed the newsletter print deadline.