1. Some Effective Sorority Fundraising Ideas

    While Elevate IMS offers so much more than just fundraising support for Greek life organizations, it is one area of specialization we offer that involves quick results and is a good place to start to begin illustrating the value of our capital campai…Read More

  2. Some Effective Fraternity Fundraising Ideas

    Imagine that your fraternity was able to make an extra $10,000 or even $1,000,000+ more a year through alumni contributions and fundraising programs. If you want to make that happen, you need to have a strategy to start getting potential donors invol…Read More

  3. Best Ways To Keep Chapter Alumni Involved

    At Elevate IMS, we understand that regular alumni communications are a vital part of the success of your fraternity or sorority. The experience that alumni bring to the table and their willingness to be involved with helping your chapter evolve, can …Read More

  4. Wealth Screening Explained

    Board members and undergraduate students are constantly looking for fraternity and sorority fundraising ideas. While there are dozens of different event types that can be hosted and different activities that Greek chapters can do in order to raise mo…Read More

  5. Understanding Capital Campaigns For Greek Fundraising

    A capital campaign is a highly effective method of fundraising large amounts of money, typically for large, one-time projects. In the case of fraternities and sororities, capital campaigns are most often used for construction or upgrades to Greek hou…Read More

  6. Jared Anderson Joins the Elevate Team

    For Immediate Release Media Contact: Brian Bates Company Principal (770) 903-3987 bbates@elevateims.com   Elevate Welcomes Jared Anderson as Campaign Project Manager   (Atlanta, Ga)— March 10, 2020—Elevate IMS is pleased to introduce Jared Ande…Read More

  7. Seeking Database Specialist – Ithaca

    Elevate (www.elevateims.com), headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with one additional office in Ithaca, New York, is one of the premiere fundraising consulting firms, specializing in fraternity/sorority alumni communication programs and major capital …Read More

  8. Beta Theta Pi – University of Florida

    Gamma Xi Chapter University of Florida Phase I & II: $1.2 million raised Phase III Goal: $1.1 million Summary A decision was made in spring 2008 to undertake a feasibility study to ascertain whether it was possible to renovate and expand the exis…Read More

  9. Gift Management

    Knowledge is power and without proper gift management, your project can suffer greatly. Timely inputting and tracking of pledges and donations along with rapid acknowledgment is absolutely a necessity. The Laurus Group, through the use of industry st…Read More