While Elevate IMS offers so much more than just fundraising support for Greek life organizations, it is one area of specialization we offer that involves quick results and is a good place to start to begin illustrating the value of our capital campaign consultation services for fraternities and sororities. Read on for some ideas and inspiration for your sorority’s fundraising. We also have a blog post about fraternity fundraising ideas, which are not mutually exclusive to the ideas below. 

Besides Greek life fundraising services, Elevate IMS also offers comprehensive capital campaign feasibility studies, wealth screening services, capital campaign planning, ongoing alumni communication services, training and education for more effective fundraising, and more. 

In today’s post, we’ll be focusing on covering three fundraising ideas for sororities in particular to consider. However, be aware that effective fundraising is not one-and-done; it calls for a comprehensive strategy to achieve your Greek letter organization’s financial and societal goals. 

3 Sorority Fundraising Ideas Guaranteed to Raise Lots of Money

There are tons of ways to raise money for your sorority, and many of them are very fun to do as well. Any good fundraiser is not just about money; more essentially, it’s about creating a situation for everyone to bond and have a great time. Here are some of our favorite fundraising ideas for sororities:

#1: Athletic Tournament

Raising funds through a Greek golf tournament, tennis tournament, round-robin basketball, football, or even swimming are great ways to raise money through a registration fee. This could include both the price of competing as well as a t-shirt for participants to commemorate the occasion. Golf tournaments as a fundraising idea is a tried-and-true way to appeal to both current members and alumni alike. Another excellent athletic-related fundraiser idea for your sorority is to organize a walk, 5K run, or 10K run.

#2: Food Events

Looking for a simple way to raise money for philanthropic purposes or to go towards renovating your sorority house? From late-night barbeques and all-you-can-eat pancake events to Greek food eating competitions and more, food events are a great way to rally fellow students and get alumni coming out and meeting with members, while earning some money for your capital campaign in the meantime. 

#3: Host a Gala

A dress-up gala where the friends and families of all sisters are invited is another great way of raising funds for your sorority. Charging, for example, $50 a ticket, which includes the meal, you can make a lot of money quickly this way. You can also have a silent auction to raise even more capital. Gala’s are often a very successful part of Greek life fundraising. 

Get a Capital Campaign Consultation for Your Sorority

If you are thinking about ways to raise money for your sorority through fundraising events, you are likely going to need more than just one event. Having a more comprehensive approach to alumni communications, Greek life fundraising, and including a thorough feasibility study can help turn a one or two few-hundred-dollar-raising campaigns, to campaigns that can earn your sorority millions of dollars. It sounds simple, but it takes consistency of approach and professional guidance to be successful.

Elevate IMS has 70+ years of experience helping fraternities and sororities raise the capital they need for their goals. Check out some of our past clients on our Case Studies page, then, if you’re interested in learning more, reach out to us online!