Elevate IMS
Credit Card Processing
Terms & Conditions

We are pleased to provide the ability for your members to utilize credit cards to make one-time gifts, set up recurring gifts or pay their scheduled pledge installments. Donors may provide their credit card information on the donation form received in the mail, online (if you set up an online portal), or by calling their information into their account manager.


  • Accept one-time gifts
  • Set-up recurring credit card payments:
    • monthly
    • quarterly
    • semi-annually
    • annually
  • Accept all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover
  • Donor’s credit card statement will show your organization’s name

Security, Reporting, and Distribution of Gifts

  • Cards are processed through PCI-compliant and secure portal. We use Blackbaud Merchant Services as our primary credit card processors
  • Donations go directly to your bank account
  • Disbursements occur every business day except weekends and bank holidays
  • Gift transmittals sent to you will identify gifts made via credit card


  • Blackbaud Merchant Services
    • 2.798% per transaction charge (credit card fee)
    • $0.26 per transaction fee (Blackbaud Merchant Services)
  • Online Donation Portal
    • $350 one-time set-up fee
    • $60 annual hosting/maintenance fee for online donation portals
      • This fee is billed in December for the upcoming year.
      • Mid-year sign-ups will be charged a pro-rated fee for the balance of the current year and then billed in full in December
  • $20 charge back fee


  • Elevate IMS will remain the primary contact for credit card questions, disputes, charge-backs, and refunds
  • Client will not have access into the credit card data but may request distribution reports for bank reconciliation